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How to setup/use the Outlook Syncroniser add-in - The Outlook Sync Add-In integrates with Outlook 2003 or 2007 and allows you to easily synchronize your contacts and events between Outlook and WebMail.

Download the Outlook Sync add-in

WebMail - Setting up a shared calendar - How to set up a shared calendar with any other fbsnet user(s). You can set up multiple calendars that can be shared and/or edited or viewed by other people in your company, domain or with any other FBSnet user.

Dial-up access - Information on our local call rate dial up access system - This is a simple dial-up access system with no sign-up or costs involved - The only charge you pay is to you own phone company at their local rate charges.

Email setup - Microsoft Outlook - How to set up Microsoft Outlook to send & receive email

Email setup - Microsoft Outlook Express - How to set up Microsoft Outlook Express to send and recieve email

Email setup - Internet Explorer (Windows 95 / Internet Explorer V3) E-mail setup is slightly different with early versions of Internet explorer - IE version 4 and above use Outlook Express

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